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Student Success Initiative (Texas SUCCESS) Online Accelerated Instruction Resources
Rider 46, General Appropriations Act, 84th Texas Legislature, authorizes the commissioner to issue a request for proposal (RFP) for “statewide licenses to provide supplemental computer-based reading and mathematics instruction to all students in grades for which accelerated instruction is required.” The Texas Education Agency (TEA) issued RFP 701-16-010, Student Success Initiative Support Programs (Texas SUCCESS) and has completed the review of online resources submitted in response. The vendors selected as a result of the RFP and the products provided are listed below.

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January 6, 2017
592231 – Novice Users
592233 – Advanced Users
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Compass Learning – 2/10/17
592235 – Novice Users
592238 - Advanced Users
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Istation – 3/3/17
592240- Novice Users
592242 – Advanced Users
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Think Through Math – 4/21/17
592243 – Novice Users
592244 – Advanced Users

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