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Title I Statewide School Support and Family & Community Engagement Initiative

Parental Involvement Resources

The following programs and organizations provide training and education for parents and school staff aimed at building family-school partnerships. The costs, quality and content vary widely. We do not recommend specific programs, rather list them here for your reference and review. We urge the consumer to be selective in their choices.



Back to School Checklists - www.ed.gov/parents/academic/involve/schoolbox/booklet3/checklist.pdf
This link will give you some ideas about helping your child learn as he or she gets older and considers college. Tips are also offered in specific areas in which parents often have questions.

With the first day of school drawing near, parents and children across the country are getting set for their return. Focused on ensuring parents and kids have everything they need for school, this checklist will help families get ready for the big day. (back to the top)

Brain Connections - http://www.brainconnection.com

With information of interest to parents and educators, this site offers opportunity to learn about the brain, and how to use it! (
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CASA Family Day - http://casafamilyday.org/familyday/tools-you-can-use/
CASA Family Day is a national initiative to remind parents that YOU have the power to keep your kids substance free! CASA Columbia Family Day offers tools and resources to help parents. (back to the top)

The Center for Divorce Education
Children in the Middle is an educational and ethnically diverse program designed to teach parents the skills needed to reduce family conflict, school problems, depression and anxiety, and anger.  It has received the "Positive Parenting Award" from the National Council for Children's Rights, and the "Active Parenting Award" from the Children's Rights Council.  Visit their website at www.divorce-education.com or call toll free at 1-877-874-1365 (back to the top)

Dana Center- http://www.utdanacenter.org/
Want to know what is current in brain research, immunology, or arts education? Browse through this site for the news, read the publications, listen to broadcasts, and keep informed.
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Disaster Publications - www.redcross.org  www.fema.gov 
Preparing for Disaster -
English    Spanish
Helping Children Cope with Disaster -
English    Spanish
7-Dippity.com - After the Storm  (back to the top)

Education by Design - http://www.edbydesign.com/parentres.html
Practical learning ideas for parents. The website is dedicated to helping students of all abilities learn. (
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 Family Fun - http://www.familyfun.go.com

Contains a wide variety of topics, activities, and information of interest to families. (
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Families-Schools.org - http://www.families-schools.org
Resources for families and schools to strengthen school communities.  (Sponsored by
Center on Innovation & Improvement, a national content center supported by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.) (back to the top)

Financial Aid - http://www.finaid.org
The smartest student guide to financial aid. 
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Foster Care - Online Training-http://www.fosterparents.com/
Provides online training information for individuals working with at risk children. (back to the top)

Foster Parenting -
The steps needed in order for potential foster parents to become licensed. (back to the top)

The Grandparent Foundation - http://www.grandparenting.org
Grandparents who explore this site gain access to timely information and opportunity to share interests, concerns and insights.(
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Hands Net - http://www.handsnet.org/
Building the human services community online. (
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Harvard Family Research Projecthttp://www.hfrp.org/ (back to the top)

Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program - http://www.jlaustin.org/?nd=hmdp
The Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program helps students and parents understand the benefits of academic achievemen, that a college degree is an attainable goal, and the specific steps to achieve that goal.

Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Education Agencies; Policy Guidance for Title I, Part A (1996) https://www2.ed.gov/legislation/ESEA/Title_I/parinv2.html
In addition to an LEA parent involvement policy, each Part A participating school must jointly develop with, and distribute to, parents of participating children a written parental involvement policy, agreed upon by these parents, that describes the means for carrying out school-level policy, sharing responsibility for high student performance, building the capacity of school staff and parents for involvement, and increasing accessibility for participation of parents with limited English proficiency or with disabilities. 

Kids & Family Reading Report - http://www.scholastic.com/readingreport/downloads.htm    

Kidsource - http://www.kidsource.com
Helping your child with homework by Nancy Paulu is a helpful, thorough guide. If parents haven't started these practices early on, review them and provide some guides for teens. Some topics are talking to teachers about homework problems, learning styles, monitor TV viewing. (
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The Latino Family Literacy Project - http://www.latinoliteracy.com/
An award-winning program for teachers to provide to parents at their schools. Our programs are currently used in 17 states in the USA. Parents learn how to read with their children and establish a family reading program and learn English vocabulary skills. It's easy, fun and research-based.

My Brother's Keepers (MBK) Initiative - http://www.whitehouse.gov/my-brothers-keeper  

In September 2014, President Obama issued a challenge to cities, towns, counties and tribes across the country to become "MBK Communities." This challenge represents a call to action for all members of our communities, and mayors in particular, as they often sit at the intersection of many of the vital forces and structural components needed to enact sustainable change through policy, programs, and partnerships.

The MBK Community Challenge encourages communities (cities, rural municipalities, and tribal nations) to implement a coherent cradle-to-college-and-career strategy for improving the life outcomes of all young people to ensure that they can reach their full potential, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or the circumstances into which they are born. Nearly 200 mayors, tribal leaders, and county executives across 43 states and the District of Columbia have accepted the MBK Community Challenge.

National Center for Fathering - http://www.unt.edu/cpe/
The National Center for Fathering features an online magazine, practical tips, research on fathering, a list of resources on fathering, and good links to other sites focusing on fathering. (
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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - http://www.missingkids.com/home

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education - http://www.ncpie.org/
Primarily for educators with guidelines for parent-school partnerships. (
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National Fatherhood Initiative - http://www.fatherhood.org
The National Fatherhood Initiative seeks to improve the well-being of American children by increasing the number of children whose fathers are involved, committed and responsible. Information, chat rooms and activities that support fathers' efforts are provided.
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National Parent Information Network - http://npin.org/
Parent News is an online magazine. From this site you can download PDF files, such as Family Involvement in Education: A National Portrait, compiled from interviews with parents and Questions Parents ask About Schools, which covers homework, safety and preparing for a career. The site also explores other resources for parents, including books, newsletters, pamphlets, guides, and more. (
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National ParentNet Association - www.parentinvolvementmatters.org
A non-profit organization dedicated to increasing parent involvement in education and schools.  A good resource for articles, success stories, research materials and a consultant's directory.  (back to the top)

National Parent Teacher Association - http://www.pta.org/
This is a study commissioned by Newsweek in 1990 is filled with statistics. The National Standards for Parent Involvement Programs can be found here. Goals include some organizing steps parents might expect from their child's school. (back to the top)

National Partnership for Women and Families - http://www.nationalpartnership.org
The National Partnership for Women and Families offers information to help parents meet the dual demands of work and family.
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National Title I Association
 - http://www.titlei.org/

NCLB - http://www2.ed.gov/nclb/landing.jhtml  

NCLB, Parental Involvement - http://www.ed.gov/parent-and-family-engagement

Parent Parties
- http://www.parentparties.com/
Parent Parties create a fun and relaxed environment to present parent education and to promote parent involvement by using numerous games and activities. These resources are created by and made available through Second Mile Parent Initiative, a non-profit organization working to increase parent involvement and education in schools and communities. (
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Parent Resources -
Activities and resources for parents, caregivers, and homeschoolers who want to help their children excel in school.
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Parents' Guide to No Child Left Behind - http://www.ed.gov/parents/academic/involve/nclbguide/parentsguide.pdf
No Child Left Behind: A Parents' Guide (June 2003) summarizes the No Child Left Behind Act. It answers common questions about the law, explains what the law does for parents, and tells where to find additional resources. It is handy for teachers and community members as well as parents. (
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Parents Reaching Out - http://parentsreachingout.org/
A non-profit organization that works with parents, caregivers, educators, and other professionals to promote healthy, positive and caring experiences for their families and children.

Parenting Stages - http://www.education.com/reference/article/stages-parenthood/

Parenting Stages brings you the best parenting content, articles, and tools that the web has to offer so you can grow with your child. (back to the top)

Parenting Wisely - www.parenting wisely.com
Parenting Wisely 
is the briefest parenting skills training program (2-3 hours) that improves parental involvement and improves children's behavior.  It is a SAMHSA Model Program and achieves substantial outcomes superior to most programs.  Parents use the program on a CD-ROM (English or Spanish) or online, needing no trained staff to assist them.  (
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Project Appleseed - http://www.projectappleseed.org
National campaign for public school improvement. Resources to help parents get involved in schools. Good links. (
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Rapid Guide:  2 FREE Tools For College-bound Students and Their Parents
 - www.rapidguide.net  
Financial Aid Monthly Action Plan – Knowing what to do when to maximize financial aid is difficult.  Many consultants charge thousands of dollars to help students/parents follow a plan.  We think people can improve their success without spending that much.  So, we created a newsletter that gives specific instructions each month on exactly what to do – what forms to fill out, what research to do, what actions to take, etc. 
You can also see CBS News’ coverage of the announcement at:  http://finance.bnet.com/bnet/?GUID=9572457&Page=MEDIAVIEWER.  You can sign up to receive it free at www.newsletter.financialaidtips.com.

Free "Scholarship of the Day" – Because scholarships are becoming more difficult to find, we are posting a ‘scholarship of the day’ that provides a quick overview to one specific scholarship each day.  Students/parents can go to a website to find it or track each day via Facebook (become a fan of FinancialAidTips.com page), Twitter (ScholarshipFund) or view directly at www.scholarships.financialaiditps. com.   While not all scholarships will apply to all students, this will give them a way to determine in about 20 seconds if the day’s posting is one they should pursue.  Many we post are little-known and, thus, less competitive.  You can learn more about what we are doing with this effort from Entrepreneur Magazine’s coverage of our new service at:
http://www.entrepreneur.com/PRWeb/release/15412.html.  (back to the top)

Remind is a free, safe and simple way for educators to instantly text-message students, parents and other educators. Educators can send Remind messages from their computer or free smartphone app, and students and parents can receive them on ANY device, including "flip" phones. Over 35 million teachers, students, and parents now use Remind in over 50% of US schools.

School/Parent Compact Checklist 
A school-parent compact is a written agreement between the school and the parents of children participating in Title I, Part A programs that identifies the activities that the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will undertake to share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. In addition, the school-parent compact outlines the activities that the parents, school staff, and students will undertake to build and develop a partnership to help the children achieve the State's high academic standards.dpi.wi.gov/titleone/pdf/school_parent_compact_checklist.pdf

Search Institute
Search Institute is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide leadership, knowledge, and resources to promote healthy children, youth, and communities. To accomplish this mission, the institute generates and communicates new knowledge, and brings together community, state, and national leaders. Visit their web site at http://www.search-institute.org. (back to the top)

Teen Helpline: Ready to Help
Teens benefit from talking about the challenges that face them today including, but not limited to, peer pressure, drugs, STD's, depression, teen pregnancy, friends, relationships, parents, life skills, and running away.  Our trained helpline counselors are available to offer empathic listening for those who call in.  To schedule private counseling sessions, teens under 18 must call back with their parent or have their parent call on their behalf.  (back to the top)

Toll Free:  800-343-3822                       TDD:  800-448-1823
Teen Helpline:  800-334-TEEN (8336)    

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services - http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/child_protection/
Investigates reports of abuse and neglect of children. Provides services to children and families in their own homes. Places children in foster care. Provides services to help youth in foster care make the transition to adulthood. Places children in adoptive homes. (back to the top)

Texas Project First - http://texasprojectfirst.org/
Created by parents, for parents... this web site is a project of the Texas Education Agency and is committed to providing accurate and consistent information to parents & families of students with disabilities.   (
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The Parent Institute- http://www.parent-institute.com/educator/
The mission of The Parent Institute is to encourage parent involvement in the education of their children. The Parent Institute publishes a variety of materials including newsletters, booklets, audio CDs, brochures, videos and presentation kits. The Parent Institute is a division of NIS, Inc., an independent, private corporation founded in 1989 by educators with extensive experience working with public and private schools in the U.S. and Canada. Parents may download information from the website, but materials are available for purchase by teachers and administrators only. (
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U.S. Department of Education- http://www.ed.gov/parents/landing.jhtml
The U.S. Department of Education is committed to the success of America's children in school.  After going to this website and clicking on "Parents and Families" you will notice several websites, articles, books and other resources that are devoted to including parents in the educational process.  Many of the "How To..." articles are centered around building the parent's interactions with their child and the educational community. (
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USDE College "An Attainable Dream" - http://www.ed.gov/news/press-releases/college-attainable-dream-says-new-spanish-language-video
New Spanish-Language Video

USDE - Free Publications -
The ED Pubs web site is intended to help you identify and order U.S. Department of Education products.  All publications are provided at no cost to the general public by the U.S. Department of Education.  Publications are also available in Spanish. (back to the top)

USDE - Giving Parents Options http://ed.gov/admins/comm/choice/options/index.html
Strategies for informing parents and implementing public school choice and supplemental educational services under No Child Left Behind.
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USDE Recursos en español - http://www2.ed.gov/espanol/bienvenidos/es/index.html?src=footer

U. S. Department of Justice Brochure Offers Help for Parents When Children are Missing  
When Your Child is Missing: A Family Survival Guide


The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) supports this Department priority through work with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children; the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program, a national network of 61 coordinated task forces addressing online child exploitation; and the AMBER Alert Program, instrumental in the recovery of 540 abducted children since its creation in 1996.  OJJDP also works with partners across the country to provide resources to families when a child is missing. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s Web site includes resources on how to help keep your child safer or how to know what to do if your child is missing. This week they also released two new Spanish translations at this year’s ceremony:

  • Cuando su hijo ha desaparecido: Una guía de supervivencia para la familia” (4th Edition) (NCJ 232789) is a Spanish translation of the fourth edition of When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide, which provides critical advice on what families should do when a child is missing. 
  • El delito del secuestro familiar: La perspectiva de hijos y padres” (NCJ 234086) is a Spanish translation of The Crime of Family Abduction: A Child’s and Parent’s Perspective, which offers insights into how an abduction of a child by a family member affects the child and the family.

What Kids Want in Books - http://www.scholastic.com/readingreport/KFRRInfographicColor.pdf
When Reading for Fun, Kids Ages 6-17 Say They Want Books That....


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