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September 26

Reaching Rigor: Creating Success for Special Education Students

In this workshop presented by Lead4ward, participants will •Explore various strategies to support struggling students in the areas of reading, math, science, and social studies •Practice methods for teaching strategies to students, help students evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy, and help students generalize and transfer the use of the strategy •Develop an implementation plan for embedding strategy instruction throughout the school year to prepare students for accessing rigor and achieving self-determination. 


SESSION 614717

October 3, 2017

Extra! Extra! It’s All About Expository (6-EOC)

Reading for learning requires a unique cognitive demand. It is essential that students apply comprehension strategies and manage the individual challenges encountered with each expository reading. From technical language to organizational structures, join lead4ward as we prioritize and learn new ways to approach the teaching and learning of informational reading. This workshop includes: •Prioritizing the TEKS •Looking at the past to plan for the future •Building a newspaper •Incorporating and adapting activities for rigor •Learning new ways to approach genre challenges.

SESSION 617837

October 5, 2017

Building Bridges: Social Studies Spiral Standards (4-EOC)

How can we help students build bridges between Texas history, World Cultures, World Geography, World History, and US History? In this workshop, participants will be introduced to spiral standards–standards that help to bridge the content between grade levels and courses. We will examine ways to build academic background knowledge through the PEGS schema. Participants will study their content through the lenses of an historian, geographer, economist, and political scientist. Looking at the content through multiple dimensions promotes a more rigorous approach to social studies courses. This workshop includes: •Learning ways to plan for the review of previously taught content •Exploring activities that will allow students to access and transfer content knowledge.


SESSION 617838

October 10, 2017

Algebra for the Young Mind: It’s Elementary (3-5)

Audience: Math Teachers (3-5) Being able to select the appropriate operation(s) and represent real-world situations with an appropriate number sentence/equation are foundational for young learners in securing their understanding of whole number operations. This session focuses on how to move students from concrete to abstract representations of math problems to build that algebraic mindset. This workshop includes: •Using strip diagrams effectively as a means of representing math problems •Creating activities that allow students to connect the use of strip diagrams to the selection of appropriate mathematical operation and identification of the number of steps in a problem •Adjusting existing instructional materials to reach more transfer and rigor.

SESSION 617841

October 12, 2017

The Power of Process in Science! (6-EOC)

Audience: Science Teachers (6-EOC) Process = Engagement + Thinking – That’s the Power of Process! Process standards are all about “how” we learn! Explore how to go beyond basic-level thinking and help foster life-long learners and problem solvers through teaching the process standards. Participants will: •Discover how to easily plan and incorporate the process standards in daily instruction •Learn ways to help foster scientific questioning and communication •Learn how process standards help student learning in all content areas •Understand how process standards will be assessed on the STAAR Assessments and how to best prepare students for the rigor of dual-coded questions.

SESSION 617842

October 13, 2017

Ready, Set Engage! (K-2)

Audience: Teachers K-2 Managing the active K-2 classroom can be a challenge! This workshop will provide easy tips to help organize all the “stuff” that is involved in creating student-centered stations. •Participate in over 20 active and engaged stations with a focus on the process standards •Learn about how process standards help foster thinking and support STAAR tested grades •Use lead4ward resources to help plan integration of process standards

SESSION 617733


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