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New Generation System (NGS)

The New Generation System (NGS) is an inter/intrastate computerized information network supported by a consortium of state migrant education programs. NGS, similar to the PEIMS system in Texas, provides important information on more than 200,000 migrant students. Through the NGS system, academic records including course schedules, grades, credits, TAKS data and health records are instantaneously available to a receiving school district. This minimizes the difficulties that mobile students encounter in transition to a new school district.

Texas State New Generation System (NGS) Implementation Guidelines for School Districts and Education Service Centers

New Generation System (NGS) manual

NGS website

Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX)

The Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) is a national web-based portal that links states' migrant student record databases. It facilitates the national exchange of migrant students' educational and health records among the states. MSIX produces a single "consolidated record" from each state in which a migrant child was ever enrolled. MSIX provides information on a student's previous moves, enrollments, grade or course placement, and accrual of credits.

MSIX website

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