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School Health
Administrative Services

School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) 
Coordinated School Health (CSH)

SHAC and CSH Resources:


Action for Healthy Kids  (Works with schools, families and communities to help kids learn to be healthier and be ready to learn)

Centers for Disease Control Coordinated School Health

Centers for Disease Control School Health Index

DSHS Coordinated School Health

DSHS Coordinated School Health Guide

DSHS School Health Advisory Councils

DSHS School Health Advisory Council Guide 

Texas Education Agency Approved Coordinated School Health Programs

Texas Education Agency Coordinate School Health

Selected State and Federal School Health Laws  The attached document is meant as a resource tool in assisting school nurses and other school health personnel in locating selected laws that relate to school health.  It is not a full list, but a snapshot of the most frequently requested citations. 

Texas School Health Advisory Committee (statewide) VISION:  We the TSHAC envision healthier Texans through coordinated school health.  

Texas School Health Advisory Committee (T-SHAC)   




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