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Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Region 16 offers hosted VoIP service over our wide area network. Commodity VoIP service is more sensitive to network issues than most network applications, but Region 16's VoIP ensures a quality of service and that your network operates at an optimum level.

VoIP Benefits

- Region 16 manages the phone system and performs all of your requested changes, adds and moves.

- Voicemail to email capabilities  

- Voice-dial directory capabilities 

- Customizable dial plan

- 911 and other call reporting 

- Intercom and overhead paging capabilities 

- Redundancy and failover capabilities 

- User and network support is included

- On-site staff training

   Whether your current telephone system is too costly, failing, or outdated, Region 16 can review options for converting to VoIP. Computers used to be the only hardware connecting to the internet. Today mobile phones, televisions, appliances, cable TV boxes, and office telephones also connect. Your Region 16 VoIP service has a support team to free you from having to manage your own telephone system, and can easily scale as your district grows, all for one set price per telephone.        

For more information, contact:
Dallas Splawn, Unified Communications Specialist

Jeff Rogers, Unified Communications Administrator

5800 Bell Street, Amarillo, Texas 79109



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