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Promising Practices

Promising Practices is provided by the Title I, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Statewide Initiative to gather descriptive information from PK-12 schools on specific PFE strategies that have helped to increase parent and family engagement and student outcomes.


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2022 Promising Practices Winners

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Pink Elementary-Project LEARN 

Project LEARN exists to help at-risk children become successful and to provide the education and encouragement to their parents to become partners as well as strong and informed advocates in their children’s education.  

The practice is identified as a need since parents have requested this service.  District leaders have been active in providing equity for all stakeholders in Lamar CISD Title I survey and District Improvement Plan.

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Nacogdoches ISD-Parent Family Community EngagementActivities to the Next Level

The goal of this practice is to increase parent, family and community involvement, engagement and empowerment by promoting effective customer service and communication in accordance with the needs of students and parents.

Needs we identified from different sources, including, but not limited to paper surveys, online surveys, community meetings, committee meetings, talking to parents to ask about their needs, looking at the effectiveness of our current practices and parent participation
and engagement in events. The school team made sure that they provided a voice to the parents to determine their needs.

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Waller ISD-Smart Money Program


The goal of this practice is to provide students and families with experiential learning experiences that teach students how to develop a business and market a product, while gaining the knowledge required through the process of buying, selling, spending and

Student Improvement in mathematics has been an ongoing growth goal as evidenced in the Local District Plan.  Connecting Math concepts learned in the classroom to real life situations by providing students with practical experiences is a strategy the LEA utilizes to focus on district needs, specifically as it relates to financial literacy.

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Pampa ISD-Back to School Bash

The goal of the practice is to provide access to needed supplies and resources for students and families to begin the school year with success.  Additionally, another goal was to build healthy relationships with families from the very beginning of their student’s educational journey.

Following the Covid 19 pandemic, Pampa ISD families, just like many other families, suffered job loss and pay cuts.  There was a significant increase in the number of students needing services such as school supplies, immunizations, health screenings, and clothes. 
Connecting with families before the school year began was essential to build the foundation for building healthy school-home relationships throughout the year.  Additionally, building partnerships with businesses, civic organizations and churches helps to build bridges and provide greater opportunities and resources for students and families.



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