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Region 16 invites you to attend our second annual Panhandle Social Studies Conference on June 21st at Region 16. This year's theme is Building the Future, and our keynote speaker will be Carl Azuz, the popular former host of CNN Student News and CNN10. After the keynote, we will have three breakout sessions with a host of great presenters for you to choose from. The conference is K-12, and there will be something for everyone! Rejuvenate your classroom instruction and collaborate with teachers from across the Panhandle.
Lets build our future together
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Carl Azuz is a news and features personality known for his high-energy delivery and extensive wordplay. His tenure at CNN, which included 15 years as the host of CNN Student News and CNN 10, made him a fixture in classrooms worldwide and allowed him to serve an audience of millions.
Carl gained popularity among educators for his down-the-middle, unbiased news coverage; he gained popularity among students for his personable reporting and signature “punmanship.” He remains committed to a respectful and family-friendly approach to broadcasting, presenting multiple perspectives on controversies without taking sides, and infusing feature stories (and speeches) with humor.
His work in broadcasting continues today with online features reporting and promoting media literacy. All of his socks are argyles; his favorite styles are Deco; he believes in faith, hope and love; and he argues that you’re not really driving a car unless it has a manual transmission.
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