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On August 9, 2018, Region 16 will hold its annual Fall Kickoff at the Amarillo Civic Center.  Once again, we are excited to announce the opportunity to highlight best practices from schools around the panhandle, and we are asking for your participation by entering one of your promising programs. 

There are no topic limitations in order to have your program recognized, but participants might consider some of the following categories:

Developing Students’ Critical Thinking Skills
Blended Learning
Collaborative Teaching
Instructional Technology
Student Participation in Extracurricular Activities
Teacher Appraisal
Instructional Coaching
Serving Special Populations
Community Engagement
Teacher and/or Administrator Development
Student Engagement

A committee of educators will select 5 finalists to be featured during our morning convocation in short video segments produced by the Region 16 Communications Department.  These videos will serve as an introduction to the school’s/district’s program as well as the role of key players in the program.

Our 5 finalists will receive:

Recognition at the conference  (On-stage introduction of the school’s featured program video during the Region 16 Fall Kickoff)
A copy of the video (A professionally produced video will be supplied to district officials… A district might place this video on its website or utilize it for other promotional purposes)
Media recognition (Press release to Panhandle-area television and print media)
Submission to TEA (One finalist will be submitted to the TEA for consideration in its annual best practices publication)

We look forward to honoring your great work in front of hundreds of teachers and administrators this Fall!

Entries are due by 4 pm on Friday, April 6th.
(All entries will be considered by the committee but ONLY 5 will be selected.)
Please complete the following information regarding your school's best practice.
Contact First Name
Contact Last Name
Confirm Email:
District Name
Campus Name
Program/Practice Description: Write a brief description of your program in action.
How does this practice support your school/district vision?
What challenges did your encounter as you implemented this practice?
What evidence tells you that the approach has been effective?
Who are the key role players in this practice?
Why did these individuals decide to pursue their idea?

Finalists will be recognized during the morning convocation at Region 16's 2018 Fall Kickoff. By checking the box below, you are certifying that your campus principal and superintendent have approved this submission. Entries are due by 4 pm on Friday, April 6th.

Contact Rene' Cano with questions. 806-677-5177

I certify that my campus principal and district superintendent have approved my submission

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