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Region 16 ESC DISEASE / INFECTION PROTOCOL --- COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Level 1 – Actively Monitoring Reported Community Spread Cases in the State
• Normal Business Operations
• Prohibit out of state travel.
• Sterilize “high touch” areas daily, all classrooms bi-weekly, and all office/cubicle space weekly.
• Actively monitor reports from Federal, State, and Local Agencies.
• Meet with Local Health Authority Representative to establish contact avenues.
• Executive Council review Business Continuation Plans and Pandemic Plans.
• Present Plan to Admin Council for feedback.
• Communicate to Staff the following:
o Stay home if sick.
o Stay home if Children are sick.
o Emphasis on following CDC guidelines for hygiene.
o Disinfect personal workspaces and devices. Facilities will be hyper vigilant in partnering on this.
• During weekly Admin Council meetings, provide briefings for communication updates.
• Call Special Admin Council meetings as needed.


Level 2 – Community Spread Cases within Region 16
• Prohibit consultant and Home Educators travel to affected LEA’s and determine alternative methods to deliver services.
• Admin Council to determine necessary travel to non-affected LEA’s.
• Limit out of region travel to essential job function activities only.
• Admin Council to evaluate workshops / trainings to determine levels of priority in regard to what must be presented on
schedule or can be delayed/cancelled.
• Potentially move all trainings based on priority level to electronic delivery if feasible.
• Consider Resolution of the Board Regarding Wage Payments during Emergency Closings.


Level 3 – Community Spread Cases within Potter / Randall Counties
• Follow closing directives as issued by Local Health Authorities, County Judges, and Mayors.
• Prohibit all travel plans unless authorized by the Executive Director.
• Review future events in two-week blocks to determine postponement or cancellation.
• Have discussions with the following entities to determine if closure is necessary for specific Region 16 sites:
o Local Health Department
o Amarillo ISD
o Canyon ISD
o Higher Education Institutions
o Texas Education Agency
o Texas Health and Human Services
• Upon site closure determination, Admin Council will identify essential staff and services required to continue to report
to work to meet the obligations and duties of the ESC.
• Increase frequency of sterilization efforts and begin implementing deep cleaning techniques to ensure a safe working
• Continue to pay employees according to State / Federal guidance and/or Executive Director directive.


Level 4 – State/Local Mandated Closure
• Follow mandated directives in regard to facilities, operations, and activities.
• Admin Council will meet according to Executive Director directive to ensure operational efficiency, identify needs
based on State directive, and to deliver updates as provided by the State.
• Establish processes to meet identified needs (payroll, services, etc.)
• Communicate to all Staff appropriate updates as directed by the Executive Director.


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