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2020 – 2021 Mental Health Resources
  • Head Start Mental Wellness Specialists are available to provide free consultation to staff members and to parents. This consultation model is designed to help the adults with strategies for managing children’s social, emotional, or behavioral concerns. 

    In most situations, however, we are restricted from using Head Start funding to pay for counseling services for children, parents, or other family members regarding their own mental health needs. We are required to link parents to community mental health providers if services are desired. 

    Enrolled pregnant women are an exception and Early Head Start would be the payor of last resort for mental health services.

    Parents or family members experiencing a serious mental illness (such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression) living in the top 21 counties may be referred to Texas Panhandle Centers – Behavioral and Developmental Health at 806-359-6699 (Amarillo) or 1-800-692-4039 (Regional). In Childress, call Helen Farabee Centers at 940-937-3644. In Parmer, Castro, Swisher, or Briscoe counties, call Central Plains Center at 806-293-2636.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the creation of a toll-free COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line by Texas Health and Human Services at 833-986-1919. Texas residents can speak with a mental health professional for help dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, grief, or worry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    If either parent is working, their employer may have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which typically provides up to 3 free, confidential sessions with a mental health provider to eligible employees/family members. Not all companies have an employee assistance program, but it is worth investigating through the human resources department.

    Medicaid is accepted by most mental health providers. If families have other health insurance, they will want to check their mental health coverage and any approved list of providers to use. For families without coverage, some providers (such as Family Support Services in Amarillo) may offer a sliding scale based on ability to pay. 

    Another option that has proven helpful for some families is seeking counseling through their religious affiliation (if applicable). Some religious organizations have a strong commitment to helping families get counseling services.

Texas Panhandle Centers

(serving 21 counties in the Texas Panhandle)
800-299-3699 (non-crisis)
806-359-6699 (Amarillo area crisis line)
800-692-4039 (Regional toll-free crisis line)


Central Plains Center

(serving Parmer, Castro, Swisher,Brisco)
806-293-2636 (non-crisis)
800-687-1309 (toll-free crisis line)

Helen Farabee Centers

(serving Childress county)
940-937-3644 (Childress satellite office)
800-621-8504 (toll-free crisis line)

Family Support Services Service to At-Risk Youth (STAR) 1500 S. Taylor
7136 I-40 Frontage Rd Amarillo, TX  79101
Park West Bldg B 806-359-2005
Amarillo, TX  79106

Service to At-Risk Youth (STAR)
412 N. Main
Borger, TX  79007

Services to At-Risk Youth (STAR)
111 S. Keamy
Amarillo, TX  79101

Services to At-Risk Youth (STAR)
315 Rock Island
Dalhart, TX  79022

Safe Place, Inc.
618 S. Birge St.
Dumas, TX  79029

Deaf Smith Co. Crisis Center     Services to At-Risk Youth (STAR)
218 W. 3rd     711 E. Park
Hereford, TX  79045     Hereford, TX 79045
806-363-6727     806-363-7695

Services to At-Risk Youth (STAR) Tralee Crisis Center
2300 Primrose Lane 310 S. Cuyler
Pampa, TX  79065 Pampa, TX  79065
806-662-9666 806-669-1131

Services to At-Risk Youth (STAR) Panhandle Crisis Center
410 S. Eton 301 S. Ash
Perryton, TX  79070 Perryton, TX  79070
806-435-3601 ext. 241 806-435-5008

Panhandle Crisis Center
Outreach Office
511 SW 11th
Spearman, TX  79081
806-435-5008 ext. 120

Contact us today for more information.

Contact Randy Smiddy at (806) 677-5450 or Pam Coneway at (806) 677-5452  if you have any questions or need more information. We also have some parenting resources if a family is interested in a self-help approach or more general information.


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