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Message to Parents

The safety of our students and staff is first priority.  School is temporarily suspended for students from  March 23- March 27th.   We will monitor the situation on a week to week basis and provide updates regarding students returning to campus. A plan for meal distribution is being created and will be shared by the end of the week.   

Thank you for your patience during this time. 


Every Child Deserves a Head Start!
Head Start offers free, high quality child development services to income eligible families with children ages 0-5 years old.  Head Start and Early Head Start is child-focused learning, but also provides comprehensive services to the child's family.
We believe that everyone has a variety of strengths and that by encouraging instructional staff and parents to build on those strengths, our efforts will enhance student achievement. 

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(806) 677-5333

  • Head Start Classes for children ages 3-5
  • Early Head Start Classes for children ages 0-3
  • Home Based Services for children ages 0-5 (select sites)
  • Pregnant Women Services (select sites)
The mission of the Head Start/Early Head Start program is to bring about a greater degree of social competence in children of enrolled families in a way that:

  • Promotes intellectual and cognitive development
  • Improves physical and mental health
  • Advocates healthy nutritional practices
  • Enhances student achievement
  • Increases parent involvement
  • Encourages self-sufficiency
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For Head Start calendars outside of Amarillo, contact your local ISD.


Cleveland Street Center - Office or Attendance
(806) 677-5401

Nelson Street Center - Office or Attendance
(806) 677-5371

Recruiter for Head Start 
(806) 677-5333

Recruiter for Early Head Start 
(806) 677-5360

Leslie Callahan
Director of Direct Services
Early Childhood Intervention and Head Start/Early Head Start
(806) 677-5300 | Email
Danee Puga
Assistant Director
Head Start/Early Head Start

(806) 677-5320 | Email

Rachel Hall
Coordinator, Support Services, Head Start
(806) 677-5304 | Email

Lynde Longbine
Education Coordinator, Head Start/Early Head Start
(806) 677-5420 Email

Barbara Solano
Coordinator, Family Services/ERSEA
(806) 677-5431   | Email

Kelly Kenedy

Coordinator, Quality Assurance
(806) 677-5307 | Email

Daniel Matejko
Early Childhood Principal, Cleveland and Nelson Center
(806) 677-5400 |  Email

Lee Ann Brasher
Early Childhood Center Director, Nelson Center
(806) 677-5371  | Email

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