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2019-2020 TRS Rates

Hello all!


TRS recently sent out an email detailing the 2019 Legislative Reporting Changes in which included an increased state contribution rate.  


Please update the TRS Rates table for School Year 2020 as follows:


Human Resources > Tables > Tax/Deductions > TRS Rates tab


Paying and Reporting Summer School Pay in TxEIS


It's time to pay for summer school.  With the addition of TRS position code 09 for summer school pay (TRS April 2019 Update), TxEIS has been updated for TRS reporting utilizing this new position code.  Please see the new Paying and Reporting Summer School guide.  It can also be found on our TxEIS Business Documentation page under Human Resources.  



HB3 - Updating 2019-2020 Statutory Minimum Schedule and CEI



Pursuant to House Bill 3 (HB3) TEA has released an updated Minimum Salary Schedule for 2019-2020 effective September 1, 2019.  The "To the Administrator Addressed" correspondence regarding the new schedule can be found here or at


Upon reviewing the TAA letter, you will also note HB3 removed the cost of education adjustment (Cost Education Index - CEI), which is currently used to adjust the state minimum salary in the calculation for the district's statutory minimum contribution. 


This provides a unique timing concern for TxEIS users in TRS Processing in current year payroll versus statutory minimum calculations in next year payroll for budgeting purposes.  The CEI is a shared field, utilized in both current payroll and next year payroll.  


Please see the attached HB3 - 2019-2020 Minimum Salary Schedule & CEI document for:

  • HB3 Statutory Minimum and CEI Implications
  • Instructions for Updating the 2019-2020 Statutory Minimum Table
  • Instructions for Updating 2019-2020 Next Year Budget from Next Year Payroll


Also needed for the Statutory Minimum Table process is the following file:


These documents can also be found on the TxEIS Business Documentation page under the Human Resources drop down > Year End - School heading.   


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