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PAASB awarded 16 scholarships totaling $8,000 this year to Boys Ranch ISD, Canyon ISD, Channing ISD, Childress ISD, Dimmitt ISD, Hartley ISD, Headley ISD, Hereford ISD, Highland Park ISD, Lazbuddie ISD, Lefors ISD, River Road ISD, Sanford Fritch ISD, Vega ISD, White Deer ISD, Wildorado ISD.

The PAASB organization collects fees during the school year as board members attend training sessions and dinners to be able to fund this program. 

Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins and Mott generously pay for each of the evening meals to allow funds collected from each district to go back into the fund for these scholarships. The scholarship is to be awarded to a deserving senior in each of these districts. 

Congratulations to these ISDs and to the seniors who will receive the awards!
Boys Ranch ISD
Canyon ISD
Channing ISD
Childress ISD 
Dimmitt ISD 
Hartley ISD
Hedley ISD
Hereford ISD
Highland Park ISD
Lazbuddie ISD
Lefors ISD
River Road ISD
Sanford Fritch ISD
Vega ISD
White Deer ISD
Wildorado ISD

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