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Summer Curriculum Catalog
Instructional Support 

Welcome to Region 16 Instructional Support Services

The Region 16 ESC Instructional Support Team is dedicated to assisting educators at all levels. Our team is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and in providing the best possible professional development and services to schools in Region 16. 

Please explore all the valuable resources we have provided on this web page. Thank you for visiting, and please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.


Brandi Parker

Director of Instructional Support


email -

Kelisa Nelson
Kelisa Nelson
Coordinator of
Special Education
(806) 677-5210
Brenda Foster
Brenda Foster
Coordinator of
Instructional Support
(806) 677-5135
Rene Cano
René Cano
Coordinator of
Instructional Leadership
(806) 677-5177
Alexa Watson
Alexa Watson
Coordinator of
Curriculum and Instruction
(806) 677-5139

 Instructional Support Staff

Danna Beck 
Social Studies 

Mary Bush

Cassie Swan
Learning Leader, Lesson Study


Shona Rose
ELAR Grades 9-12 

Allison Silvertooth
ELAR Grades 3-8 

Christy Velasquez

Kaci Sudbrink
Direct Instruction/504/Private Schools

Lola West


Special Education Staff

Heidi Brewer
Progress in the General Curriculum
(806) 677-5191

Barb Hobbs
Autism/Low Incidence Populations
(806) 677-5196

Greg Johnston                                                                                                                                       Special Education Liaison                                                                                                                          (806) 677-5193

Lynn McCollum
Progress in the General Curriculum
(806) 677-5190

Crissy McDaniel

Evaluation/Legal Framework/Parent Coordination
(806) 677-5198

Carla Parker
Visual Impairment
(806) 677-5192

Frances Pool
(806) 677-5199

Winston Smith
Orientation and Mobility
(806) 677-5197

Jamie Webb
Deaf/Hard of Hearing
(806) 677-5194

Administrative Assistants

Julie Massey
Administrative Assistant - Instructional Support
Tara Franklin
Administrative Assistant - Curriculum and Classroom Instruction

Melissa Shedd
Administrative Assistant - Instructional Leadership


Casey Tegue                                                        Administrative Assistant - Special Education    (806)677-5204

Carla Enterline                                                 Administrative Assistant - Special Education    (806)677-5206


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