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Welcome to Science
The Science program at Region 16 ESC provides districts with professional development and support systems to ensure all students reach high academic standards of achievement. This web page is designed to provide Region 16 educators with resources to enhance the performance of students in Science.


Lola West,

Learning Leader
(806) 677-5187

Foss Kits
We have several FOSS kits available for check out here at the service center

How do I check them out? My number one suggestion is to call ahead! We have to pull the kits and inventory them BEFORE they can go out. Once they are is as simple as picking them up, sign the check out sheet, and you are on your way!

How long can I keep them? General rule is 4 to 6 weeks. Deals can be made if a whole department or several teachers are using the same kit during one check out.

Do you REALLY inventory the kits? Yes, we really do. This helps the next teacher in line get the non consumable items so they can have the same opportunity to share with their kids that the previous teacher did.

Foss Kits Available

Kindergarten   Grades 1-2   Grades 3-4 Grades 5-6 
Animals 2x2
Wood and Paper         

Air and Weather
Balance and Motion
New Plants
Pebbles, Sand and Silt      
Solids and Liquids
Earth Material
Human Body
Ideas and Inventions      
Structure of Life
Food and Nutrition
Levers and Pulleys (2)
Mixtures and Solutions 
Models and Design
Solar Energy

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