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Impero Lab & Network Management

Impero Education Pro
Network, desktop and classroom management for PC, Mac, iOS and Chromebooks

Region 16 Education Service Center is pleased to announce the
cooperative pricing agreement for Impero Software Inc.

This pricing coop will allow your district to purchase
Impero Software

at a low cost as a member of Region16.

Impero’ s Feature Set includes:

Live monitoring of student iPad and Chromebook screens, alongside PC’s and Macs.
Active Directory and Student Information System Integration
Lab Management; Remote Control Access Across the District; E-Safety including
Web Filtering, Violation Alerts, Screen Shots, Central Logging, Keystroke Detection;
Print Management; Power Management; Network Management & Problem Diagnosis;
Software Deployment; Hardware/Software Inventory; Voice Over IP;
and Monitoring of CPU Usage, Bandwidth and Availability Memory.

This consolidation of software packages allows you to reduce your
cost of ownership and streamline your operation with one platform.

The easiest way to obtain Region 16 pricing
will be to contact Impero USA directly

and let them know that you are a Region 16 School District.


Impero Solutions Inc : Contact Information
Alexandra Ingram
Territory Account Manager

Tel:  1-877-883-4370




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