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Video Conferencing Agreement


Video Conferencing Agreement

K-12 Video Conferencing Agreement

Purchasing a K-12 Video Conference Agreement includes unlimited video conference scheduling and connections; access to statewide TETN/TEA sessions, and recording, and downloading access.

A Video Conference Agreement includes:

- Configuration of your video unit and assisting in firewall/network access to connect your equipment

- Unlimited scheduling and connecting to video conferences

- Access to Region 16's video scheduling software

- Access to Region 16's media recorder for downloading or streaming recorded sessions

- Access to statewide/TEA video conferences

- 24/7 support for your conferences

- Equipment Training

Across your district, Texas, or the globe: videoconferencing can bring an array of objective-based content directly into your classroom. Your video connection can share a teacher at another location, bring a live open heart surgery to science students, take classes from a distant college or university, or collaborate with other classroom around the world! 

For more information, contact:
Jeff Rogers, Unified Communications Administrator

Greg Stockstill, Director


Region 16 Education Service Center
5800 Bell Street, Amarillo, Texas



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