A good coach can change a moment.
A great coach can change a life.

The Executive Coaching program offered by Region 16 is both immersive and powerful. By engaging in a series of meticulously designed professional learning experiences, guided practical exercises, and personalized coaching sessions, your participation in this program is poised to propel you unprecedented heights of excellence. This structured journey provides a clear and guided path to success to elevate your impact as a leader.  


Executive Coaching is the manifestation of servant leadership as one seeks to draw out, inspire, and develop the best and highest within people from the inside out.


star2Join us on this journey and learn how to elevate your impact as an Executive Coach to tailor approaches to inspire others to reach their maximum professional and personal potential. 
SuzieOver the years I have had the privilege of participating in many professional development trainings, but I can say, without doubt, that the Executive Coaching training has been the most impactful and transformative of them all. Executive Coaching serves as an avenue for cultivating strong leadership abilities as well as building deep and meaningful relationships.  Few professional development trainings can boast that!
- Suzie M., Executive Coach, Former Superintendent 
testimonial 1I am very appreciative of the Executive Coaching process. I have always been involved in performance evaluation and was originally skeptical of a coaching style of growth. After learning the coaching process through the Region 16 ESC Executive Coaching Team, my thoughts on my own professional growth and on supporting the professional growth of others has shifted tremendously. The process pushed my beliefs and ideas on how to not only do my job at a deeper level, but how to also draw out the best and highest from within others. The Executive Coaching process has guided me in thinking not only how I could continually improve, but also in why continued professional growth is important as I work to support others through servant leadership. Executive Coaching showed me that by exploring my "why", I could more clearly identify the "how" to best support others. Executive coaching gave me a purpose for my work far deeper than performance evaluations ever did. I appreciate the Executive Coaching process for reigniting my passion and for increasing my understanding of servant leadership for others.  
- John M., Leadership Coach, Former Principal
Testimonial 2Region 16 has done a tremendous job in guiding the process of Executive Coaching.  Their approach and the resources that they have gathered for us has made it possible to quickly gather information and move forward.  Kudos to a great job by a great team!
- Jan W., Executive Coach, Former Superintendent
testimonial 3
Executive Coaching has been pivotal in my journey toward becoming a good leader.  It has allowed me to identify my strengths and the areas where I must grow.  Most importantly, it provides a safe environment for me to learn how to become a "committed listener" to truly put my staff first and serve them in the way that best fits their needs.  To be a great leader, you must know your people; to know your people, you must learn to communicate effectively!
- David C., Leadership Coach
Leigh gI have been personally and professionally enriched by the Executive Coaching Professional Development/Executive Coaching Framework provided by ESC Region 16. The ESC 16 team all have a servant’s heart, and their approach to coaching embodies this mind set. As benefactors of this training, we have learned how to best approach our busy executive leaders and provide them with timely and hit- the-ground running strategies to maximize outcomes. The PD is relevant, thought provoking and can be deployed immediately. Even the most seasoned educator can benefit from this framework and the strategies learned throughout the series. I found this to be a commonsense approach to assisting executive leaders in navigating the multiple challenges found in education today and to assist us all in looking at age-old educational problems in a new light. As executive leaders, we all have colleagues we consult in difficult times or to seek solutions; however, sometimes we need a more objective, professional eye with whom to consult. This framework provides prospective coaches with the tools to provide the coaching our executive leaders need to make unbiased decisions that are in the best interest of students.
- Leigh G., Executive Coach, Former Superintendent
SueI am deeply grateful for the transformative experience of executive coaching, a true embodiment of servant leadership. It goes beyond providing guidance, unlocking individual potential through a personalized, empathetic journey. This approach touches the essence of who we are, not just acquiring skills but uncovering strengths and aligning actions authentically. Executive coaching, with a servant leadership mindset, creates lasting change and empowers individuals to shine brightly. I wholeheartedly endorse its power for profound self-discovery and professional growth.
- Sue S., Executive Coach
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