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Early Childhood Intervention (English)

Early Childhood Intervention

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Services

ECI services are provided in the child’s "natural environment" where they live, learn, and play. This may be in the home, daycare, or community setting where your child feels most comfortable. In this way, your child's intervention will help him participate in everyday activities.
After contacting ECI, you will be referred to a local ECI program. Your ECI program will check your child for developmental delay and eligibility for enrollment in an ECI program. Once a child is enrolled, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be developed and services will begin. If your child is not eligible for ECI, staff will refer you to other resources.
The Steps in ECI: This is an overview of the steps you and your child will take in an ECI program.
First Steps: Getting Started in ECI
  • Referral - Anyone can refer a child under the age of 3 to ECI if there is a concern regarding a developmental delay.
  • Intake-screening – When someone from your ECI program meets you and your child and you learn more about ECI and talk about what your child might need.
  • Evaluation – Determining your child’s eligibility by gathering information about your child to see how he/she performs certain tasks.
  • Transition/Discharge – When your child turns 3 or is considered age appropriate they are no longer considered eligible for ECI.  Planning for transition begins by 27 months.

Next Steps: ECI Services

  • Service Plan (IFSP) Meeting and Family Cost Share Agreement Signed - This is required to happen within 45 days of referral.
  • Delivery of Services
  • Complete Reviews of Service Plan
  • Annual Assessment and Eligibility Determination Service Plan (IFSP) - Review Family Cost Share Agreement (FCSA)
  • Need for Change in Services, Re-Evaluation/Assessment or Family Cost Share Agreement Revision - This can happen at anytime and may require an IFSP meeting.

Future Steps: Leaving ECI

  • Transition/Discharge - You must leave ECI when your child turns 3 or when he or she is developing appropriately for his or her age and is no longer eligible for ECI. Planning for transition should begin after age 27 months.


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