National Board Certification

Every student deserves to be taught by an accomplished teacher. National Board Certification was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. It’s the highest certification a teacher may obtain in addition to being the most respected one.
HB 3 highlighted The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) as a way to recruit, retain, and support highly effective teachers in all schools, with an emphasis on high-needs and rural schools. National Board-certified Teachers (NBCTs) who meet eligibility requirements will earn a Recognized designation under TIA and will generate additional funding for their school district, where 90% of the funding will be spent on teacher salaries, of which the NBCT works.
How to Earn Certification:
As a candidate, you take this computer-based assessment in the spring of the year you purchase Component 1.
Component 2 (C2) is a portfolio entry that requires candidates to gather and analyze information about individual students’ strengths and needs and use that information to design and implement instruction to advance student learning and achievement. You will submit selected student work samples that demonstrate the students’ growth over time and a written commentary that analyzes your instructional choices.
Component 3 (C3) is a portfolio entry that requires video recordings of interactions between you and your students and among your students. You will also submit a written commentary in which you describe, analyze and reflect on the impact of your teaching on your students.
Component 4 (C4) is a portfolio entry that requires you to demonstrate evidence of your abilities as an
effective and reflective practitioner in developing and applying knowledge of your students; your use of
assessments to effectively plan for and positively impact your students’ learning; and your collaboration to
advance students’ learning and growth.
The Region 16 ESC National Board Cohort  will provide selected teacher candidates with support over two years with a 3rd-year option if needed. These candidates will meet monthly with NBCT mentors to deeply analyze National Board certification requirements in preparation for and completion of portfolio and assessment entries. Cohort members will have the opportunity to collaborate with other teacher candidates, also going through this process.