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Welcome to Executive Services
Executive Services offers support to the school districts of Region 16, including charter schools and private schools within the region.  Division staff also serves as a communication link between school districts, the Education Service Center, the Texas Education Agency, and other agencies.

Training and technical support for district personnel are provided in the areas of accountability (academic and financial), administrator appraisal, business office services, business cooperative administration, child nutrition, educator certification, management and leadership training for administrators, principal assessment, Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) support, school finance, software support, student information management services, and transportation.

Division Quality Objectives

  1. Region 16’s districts’ student data submitted as part of PEIMS Submissions One (Fall), Three (last day of school), and Four (OEYP) will be below the state standards for numbers of student records with PID errors (ten or fewer student records with PID errors) or below the PID error rate on student records (1.0% or lower).

  2. School districts contracting for full business office services for a minimum of one full fiscal year will have 30 or fewer adjustments on their financial audits.
Tanya Larkin, Ed.D.
Executive Director
(806) 677-5075 | Email
Melissa Grant
Executive Services Associate
(806) 677-5015 | Email
Troy Seagler
Associate Executive Director
(806) 677-5075 | Email
Nathan Maxwell, Ed.D.
Associate Executive Director
(806) 677-5075 | Email
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